“In this new book ‘Pantallas’, the author approaches the poetic speech from the everyday reality of screens, binary codes, virtuality and the always blurred, immediate and volatile memories of the electronic devices that surround us and that make us be the type of souls we are now. A powerful voice in a Bit-like poetry.”


(Editorial Galaxia)


Pages: 100
Design: Soft cover with flaps
Dimensions: 125 x 220
Publication data: 03/09/2018
Collection: Dombate
Publishing house: Galaxia
ISBN: 978-84-9151-194-6
Edition: 1
Nº in the collection: 79

“An original and stimulating poetic proposal, as is always the case when venturing into almost uncharted territory.”

Mario Regueira

Literary critic and writer

“The author displays several referential games: binary codes, updates, glitches, editing technique and photography, to paint a sensory and dystopic world.”

Alba Cid

Literary critic and writer

“A journey through our condition of images, icons, and our necessity of uploading everything.”

Estíbaliz Espinosa

Writer, translator and lyric singer

“A reflection in verses that seems to expand the theories of Walter Benjamin in his famous essay from 1936: in the contemporary world, the poetry of the author crosses the screens and challenges their rechargeable aura”

Marco Paone

Poet, profesor and researcher

“The high-end poetry of Celia Parra in this poem collection moves us warmly. A poetry that, little by little, poem by poem, shakes our lyrical conscience, brightens us up, illuminates us with its eye-opener lyric.”

Xosé Manuel Eyré

Literary critic, writer and profesor

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